Strategic Planning That Makes Sense & Puts Your Worries to Rest

As a Financial Adviser I help you plan for an uncertain future. Financial planning for many people can seem overwhelming. There are a large number of options depending on where you are in your life.  Just trying to figure out where to start can leave people feeling overwhelmed. This can lead to costly delays in planning for your future.  As a proud native of Volusia County,  I am happy to be able to take  the stress out of the process of financial planning for all my Volusia, and Flagler neighbors.

First I stress to all my clients I am a fee based financial advisor. This means I am able to offer you my expertise to meet very specific needs, or I can handle all aspects of your financial planning. The choice of how much, or how little you wish me to handle is up to you. It also means if you are just looking for some advice on how to get started for retirement planning, or college funding, I can give you all the information you need to get started. For clients looking for someone to handle everything I am able to take the stress of your shoulders. From finding the right life insurance, to planning for retirement or  long term care, I remove all the stress of finding the perfect option for you.  
I offer a relationship driven process where the first step is for us to sit down and have an open and honest conversation about where you are looking for in terms of financial planning.  In a business with hundreds of options, before I start  I need to get to know you. As a skilled financial planner I am able to offer you a great many resources depending on your exact needs. Once we determine your exact needs I am able to get to work.

After our first meeting I will draft a custom strategy that will give you all the information you need to get started.  I will compare the various options available to you, and provide recommendations as to what will best meet your unique needs. Once you approve a plan I get started implementing everything exactly as you request.

Financial planning is all about building a better future today, and what I offer is a lifelong partnership with my clients. I am happy to be there from the beginning where clients are starting to build assets. As investment portfolios grow I assist in protecting and nurturing long term investments.  Finally when it comes to retirement planning I help insure your lifetime of hard work pays off to let you comfortably enjoy our beautiful Florida climate for as long as possible..

Services is offer

Life Insurance: Life insurance is an effective way to help protect your family's lifestyle and future. Plus the cash value in a whole life insurance policy can be accessed via policy loans to help you supplement your retirement income when your protection needs decrease. This cash value can also be accessed for other major life events and can play an important part in business succession or charitable giving plans.
Long-Term Care Insurance: Going through life may require a little help along the way. So if you're planning ahead, long-term care insurance may help protect you or a family member's future plans and help preserve the assets you've worked so hard to build.
Retirement Planning: Preparing for retirement can be less stressful when working with someone you trust. Once we establish your goals we'll use the appropriate products and strategies to fulfill them such as a Rollover IRA, starting a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA, or investing in mutual funds. We may also consider allocating a portion of your retirement to a guaranteed  lifetime income annuity. You can select an immediate annuity that pays income right away, or a tax-deferred fixed annuity that allows you to set aside money until you need it.   Either way, you will be assured a steady, dependable source of income for life.
Other Products: We have established relationships with other carriers, and can supply you with information on disability income insurance as well as individual and group health insurance products. If we don't offer it, chances are we can assist you.
To learn more about our products and services, please feel free to give me a call or request a free consultation. I'll be happy to answer all your questions.


Area of Expertise

Helping the “lifelong saver”, who is ready to toss out their work shoes but is unsure they have enough to live a comfortable retirement.

Working with Widows who seek “a sound board & ongoing financial guidance” as they re-evaluate their financial future.

Assisting those who received a “settlement or inheritance” who seek well thought-out financial advice.

Guiding “high-achieving professionals”, who value their personal time, and want to work with someone they trust to ensure their financial future is on track. 


Removing Stress From Your Financial & Insurance Planning

I offer both fee-based financial planning & investment advisory services to clients who seek advice that is not product focused, as well as non-fee-based planning for clients who need a specific task checked off the list (such as life insurance). 

I can offer expertise to meet specific needs, or we can handle all aspects of your financial planning. The choice of how much, or how little you wish us to handle is up to you. Clients utilize me on an ongoing basis to help with their planning, especially when making big decisions around things like life insurance, long-term care insurance, investments, retirement planning, managing wealth, reducing risk etc.

...and of course, to monitoring progress along the way. I take pride in removing my client's stress from not having to search through a too many options & listen to a too many opinions (I know we have all been there).   


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