Strategic Planning That Makes Sense & Puts Your Worries to Rest

As a Financial Adviser, my goal is to help you take the guess work out of your planning and free up your valuable time. Financial planning for many people can seem overwhelming. There are so many options, opinions and information to we consume daily that can leave some feeling overwhelmed, leading to costly delays in planning for the future.
As a proud native of Volusia County, I am happy to a financial planning resource for all my Volusia, Flagler, and surrounding county neighbors.


Area of Expertise

Helping the “lifelong saver”, who is ready to toss out their work shoes but is unsure they have enough to live a comfortable retirement.

Working with Widows who seek “a sound board & ongoing financial guidance” as they re-evaluate their financial future.

Assisting those who received a “settlement or inheritance” who seek well thought-out financial advice.

Guiding “high-achieving professionals”, who value their personal time, and want to work with someone they trust to ensure their financial future is on track. 


Removing Stress From Your Financial & Insurance Planning

I offer both fee-based financial planning & investment advisory services to clients who seek advice that is not product focused, as well as non-fee-based planning for clients who need a specific task checked off the list (such as life insurance). 

I can offer expertise to meet specific needs, or we can handle all aspects of your financial planning. The choice of how much, or how little you wish us to handle is up to you. Clients utilize me on an ongoing basis to help with their planning, especially when making big decisions around things like life insurance, long-term care insurance, investments, retirement planning, managing wealth, reducing risk etc.

...and of course, to monitoring progress along the way. I take pride in removing my client's stress from not having to search through a too many options & listen to a too many opinions (I know we have all been there).   


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